WIIFM?, WISGAT?, So What? and other Benefits

WIIFM? or What’s In It For Me?

Every time you write something or say something about yourself, your product, or your company ask yourself this question: WIIFM? (pronounced wifm.) WIIFM or What’s In It For Me? is one of my favorite acronyms. The “me” is the person you are writing to or talking to.

You may be an accountant with a track record of perfect records but this doesn’t matter if you cannot tell your reader or listener what the benefit is to them. After stating your track record you might follow with, “As you look to maximize your profitability and prepare for your upcoming investors, I will take the risk out of your financial records.” This is a true benefit to the client or potential employer.

Perhaps you have a new software product that automates the generation of expense reports. You are not going to get a new client to purchase this software until they understand the benefit to them. You may say something like, “Our new cloud-based software will automatically submit expense reports to management for a signature and then to accounting to cut the checks.” The potential client will be saying to themselves, “What’s in it for me?” You should have already asked yourself the same question and could respond with things like:

  • Reduced time and money spent on expense reports because there is no software to install or manage
  • Management will see every expense that is approved, reducing mistakes and paper management time
  • Accounting will always receive completed forms eliminating the time it takes to track down additional signatures

All of these are valid “what’s in it for me” responses showing the potential client the benefits you or your solution brings to them.

It doesn’t matter if you are conversing live with a potential client or employer, creating data sheets or advertisements, or writing your blog; Always ask yourself how what you are saying is benefiting your listener or reader. WIIFM?

So What?

Years ago IBM trained their sales people after each statement they make to a client to imagine there is a little person on their shoulder screaming the question in their ear “So What!?” The idea is the client just heard the sales person list out all the things a product or service could do—the features—but still doesn’t know how they benefit from the product or service. The “So What?” prompts the sales person to articulate the benefits to the client. Benefits sell, features don’t.

WISGAT or What Is So Great About That?

Sometimes I find WISGAT (pronounced wiz-gat) works faster to drive me to the benefits of my product or service. WISGAT is the acronym for What’s So Great About That? This is an “in your face” question you can use to challenge yourself.

When I make a statement I immediately ask myself WISGAT or What’s So Great About That? I am putting myself in the readers place challenging why the statement I made is important to them. Be tough on yourself and answer the question. Continue the process until you have articulated 10 powerful benefits of you, your product, or your service to your potential client.

In a marketing class I frequently teach, I use a new, bright yellow, tennis ball as the product. Here are a few of the What’s So Great About That we came up with.

It rolls, bounces, and is easy to see.

What’s so great about that?

When you swing your tennis racket you will be able to hit the ball more easily since you can see it better.

What’s so great about that?

Better visibility of the ball will improve your tennis game.

What’s so great about that?

Others will want to play tennis with you because you are clearly an expert with the ball.

What’s so great about that?

While you play tennis with new people you will make new friends.

Yes, it’s amazing. Make new friends by simply playing with this awesome round, yellow, tennis ball!

It doesn’t matter whether you use WIIFM, So What?, or WISGAT, the goal is the same. Provide your prospects with the benefits of your products and services and see your close rate increase significantly!

Dano Ybarra is a leader, global executive, corporate warrior, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, and Internet pioneer. To learn more about Dano please visit www.danoybarra.com or contact him at dano@danoybarra.com. For additional information visit his Beyond.com profile.

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