Dano Ybarra

Dano Ybarra is an International speaker and best selling author of Guiding Your Raft, 17 Lessons in Leadership to Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters (available in English and Spanish). As co-founder of a startup, he led them to a unicorn exit. When Steve Jobs was asked to reinvent Apple he tapped Dano on the shoulder to help him sort out his channel. Dano presented the plan to launch $60B/year Apple stores. Dano has launched businesses in 15 countries around the globe, is an expert in starting and growing businesses domestically and internationally and has spoken to audiences across 8 countries from dozens to thousands in attendance. Dano has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

His clients include:


Leading from the Front in CHALLENGING times


Dano, you inspire me!

Dan Clark, professional motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems

core keynotes

1. Three Traits of an Exceptional Leader and Why You Need to Be One.

2. Nine Steps to International Expansion with Minimum Risk.

3. Five Practical Lessons on How to Guide Your Marketing and Branding Raft to Success.

4. Three Leadership Actions to Take so you Thrive in Tumultuous Times.

He is a sought after speaker in and out of the technology sector. All of his keynotes are based on his 30-years of global business experience and success. To give back he was an early member and eventually Chairman of the Board of ELP, entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, a non-profit teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow their business.

"This was a great event. I shouldn't, but this time I feel sorry for those that missed the words and energy from these two successful entrepreneurs and famous public speakers Dan Clark and Dano Ybarra."

"This was an awesome experience for me. So much of what was shared by both speakers, Dano Ybarra and Dan Clark, helped tremendously with what I am currently doing ... I came away totally pumped up."

Carl Gundestrup

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