Why contact me?

Are you a company looking to hire a dynamic in-person or virtual keynote speaker and corporate trainer on the topics of: Leadership skills, Thriving in Tumultuous Times, International Expansion, Sales Excellence, or Branding and Marketing?

I am an International speaker across 8 countries from dozens to thousands in the audience and a best selling author with 30 years of experience. I’ve launched businesses in 15 countries around the globe. As co-founder of a startup, I led them to a unicorn exit. When Steve Jobs was asked to reinvent Apple, he tapped me on the shoulder to help him sort out his channel. I presented the plan to launch Apple stores. I would love the opportunity to share my experience and skills to take you to the next level!

Are you an executive or entrepreneur who wants to launch/scale their business?

For over 20 years I’ve been helping both pre-revenue, start-ups, and growth companies build business plans, test market their products and pricing, build a marketing plan, build a go to market plan, prepare for raising money, pivot, and win in the marketplace. I would love to inspire your journey!